Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Launches Afro Future Future Career Accelerator To Prepare Black Professionals for a Digital Future

The summit will also serve to kick off the first global Afro Future Accelerator Program- a 4 week program that will take place in 2021.

The 4 week program will cover the following theme areas:

Future People: Let’s start with you, the individual. Personal development training for people of African descent.

Future Places: Let’s start with your environment. During these sessions we go over the powerful histories of black cities from the stories of Egypt to black wall street to the ashanti empire.

Future Possibilities: Let’s start with your ecosystem. Careers of the future will be radically different. These sessions will go over the future industry disruptions that will occur in healthcare, energy, education, finance etc and cover ways to tackle black unemployment and prepare individuals for black careers in the digital workforce of the future.

Future Pioneers: Let’s start with your role models. Who do we highlight as influential leaders, icons and cultural pillars? This will include entrepreneurs, teachers, athletes, tech moguls and more.

Apply now via Afro Future 2021 Application.

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